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20 May 2021

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Our Main Mission

Circular Jumpstart is a startup incubation program, designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing mentoring, training, and access to seed funding as well as investments. This 2-month program is targeting climate-tech startups for they are the key players towards the success of a circular economy.


By 2050 close to 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Cities emit 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and account for 50% of global waste production. But we are determined to change that because we love our cities – and our planet. The transition to a circular economy is key in helping cities reach their climate targets and a sustainable future in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN global goals. A transition that will help us build back better towards more green, resilient, and inclusive cities in the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Cities in which designing for circularity means providing new jobs and opportunities for all communities and citizens. In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources. The radical changes needed will not come without better use of data and insights on the materials and products we use, new circular business models, and new ways of engaging all city communities, especially the micro-small-medium enterprises (MSME). We believe that emerging technologies and digital solutions are key to accelerate this transition. Can your innovation drive this change?

Challenge Areas

The following three innovation areas are the challenges that are faced from upstream to downstream in creating circular economy practice. Your solution can have its impact within one, or across more of them – but these are our main areas of focus.

Materials Creation

Designing out waste and pollution by creating products, packaging, and materials from sustainable resources or waste materials

Example of activities:

Consumption and Use
(esp. Empowering SME)

Enabling responsible consumption of resources by acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services.

Example of activities:

Waste System

Innovation in waste collection, segregation, recycling, and waste treatment to prevent water, air, and land pollution.

Example of activities:

Who Can Apply

We are seeking from early prototypes to market-ready innovative solutions, with the potential to significantly strengthen our ability to create a circular, sustainable, and thriving city.

Your solution can be cross-sector or focus on specific areas such as plastics, food, construction, textile, or others.

It can focus on improving material lifetime, direct material reductions, or on business and consumer behavior. The most important thing is that your solution responds to one or more challenge areas.

The challenge is a call to action for innovators and entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. We invite and encourage early-stage ecopreneurs to apply and help us find the answers to create better and more circular cities.

Selection Criteria

Your innovation will be evaluated based on its potential to create a significant impact on the innovation areas. The following criteria will be used to guide the review of your innovation:

  • Transformative potential

The solution’s overall potential for creating significant impact within its area of focus.

  • Circular & environmental impact

The solution’s potential for impact on increasing circular resource flows and lowering climate impact.

  • Community & social impact

The solution’s potential for creating thriving cities and creating new opportunities for diverse communities in the city.

  • Technical feasibility

The technical feasibility of bringing the solution to market.

  • Team feasibility and capabilities

Why are you the right person to solve this challenge and how your team can execute the solution?

  • Financial feasibility

Your company or initiative’s ability to demonstrate a pathway to profit or sustained operations.

  • Scale & replicability

The solution’s potential and ability to scale and be replicated across different cities and urban contexts.

The submitted solutions will be reviewed and selected by a jury consisting of representatives from partners and mentors on the circular economy, startup development, and financing. Find information on jury members and more on the process on

Why You Should Apply

Networking Opportunities

Interact with companies, governments, potential partners, and investors to explore partnerships, investment opportunities, and build your network during the incubation program, ICEF Conference, and beyond.

Small Grants

If you are among the three challenge winners you will be awarded a small grant for a total of 75.000.000 IDR (equity-free) from our Donors.

Expert Mentorship

As a cohort, you will engage in an incubation phase that will consist of nine workshops with experienced mentors, investors, and government stakeholders.

Exposure in ICEF Platforms

Your company will be featured in all follow-on publications by the 4th Indonesia Circular Economy Forum, platforms, and post-event reports.

Mentors and Collaborators

Marcel Neutel

Managing Partners - C4D

Maria Natashia

Investment Manager - Prasetia Dwidharma

Rachmawati Anggun

Product Researcher - Gojek

Bijaksana Junerosano

CEO - Waste4change

Nia Kurnianingtyas

CEO - Sala Sinau Esensia

Jonathan Davy

CEO - Ecoxyztem

Benedikta Atika

Impact Investment Lead - ANGIN

Marcel Neutel​

Managing Partner C4D​

Anggun Salehan​

Product Researcher

Maria Natashia

Investment Manager Prasetia Dwidharma


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