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6-month incubation program for awareness building about circular economy


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Circular Jumpstart is a 6-month incubation program for awareness building about circular economy. We aim to assist micro and small-scale sustainable and circular businesses in Indonesia to grow their market and competitiveness.

Theme: “Small Team, Huge Impact: Towards Smart & Sustainable Cities through Circular Practices”
Beneficiaries: 10 Local Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

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  • Incubation

Each registrant should comply with the requirements below:

  1. Business profile
    Name, address, website/social media, founder name, city/region of initiation, business sector
  2. Business value
    About us, vision, mission, the main focus of the organization, the problem that want to be solved, how the business contribute to the environmental pillars in SDGs, (state the most relevant SDG)
  3. Business activity
    date of creation, the solution to address the problem, the main area of business activities, main products/services, beneficiaries, social impact
  4. Business operations and management
    number of employees, annual income
  5. Business environmental sustainability/circularity plan
    support needed to expand the business, how your business can contribute to the implementation of a circular economy in Indonesia

The incubation program will be conducted in 5 (five) months, with a total module of 10 (ten), and will be conducted online via the Zoom platform. During the incubation program, the participants will be given a number of tasks on each module. The curriculum framework revolves around circular economy business model, funding, and legal strategies.


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