Main Event


The second ICEF event that hosted by Greeneration Foundation and organised together with global and local partners


Thursday - Saturday

28 - 30 June 2018

Grand City Convex

Surabaya, Indonesia


About Event

The 2nd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum (ICEF) 2018 was organized in Grand City Convex, Surabaya on 28-30 June 2018. The theme of the event is “Redefining Waste Management: From Trash to Resources Management.” The 2nd ICEF 2018 highlighted the shifting paradigm of waste management in today’s society, inviting all key stakeholders to join the conversation in finding solution on how to remove the concept of waste and move away from the traditional “take-make-dispose” economic model to one that is long life and cycle by design.

The event was hosted by Waste4Change, Greneration Foundation, and Napindo. The event was also co-organized by the Danish Embassy in Jakarta and PRAISE. 

To explore the issues more deeply, this forum offers a variety of themes in each day with the following details:

At the end of the forum, a survey was conducted to the participants on what are the three main challenges of implementing circular economy in Indonesia. The first challenge is commitment, where commitment for circular economy is not limited only to government and corporate’s commitment, but also the community’s commitment to implement it on daily basis. The second challenge is implementation, referring to how to apply circular economy in every element because every element have their own different roles, therefore requires different treatment as well. The final main challenge is funds, which was identified to become a major obstacle for small actors that seek transformation but does not have the sufficient amount of funds to initiate the transformation.

Meanwhile, three main solutions that is being recommended by the respondents of ICEF 2018 are education, collaboration, and law are with the explanation as follows:

  1. Education are not only carried out towards experts, corporates, or governments, but also towards formal education starting from elementary school up to university, with the subject tailored to their respective levels.
  2. Collaboration has to be done by every stakeholder, because achieving a massive transformation cannot be done alone, instead it has to be a joint efforts aiming at one common goal.
  3. The law is required as the cornerstone, however, law should not only present in a written form, but also in a form of firm law enforcement to ensure its implementation.


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