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Innovation in Renewable Materials

This presentation explains the vision of Tetra Pak Indonesia in a Circular Economy, which are renewable materials, sustainable sourcing, increase recycling, and doing more with less. One of their stretegies are to support policy makers and businesses partners in collaboration to maximize the potential of the Circular Economy.

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Circular by Design – Innovation for Green Product

CIRCO powers the development of the Circular Economy, driven by Design and drives innovation for green product. Partner companies work together with designers on developing circular products, services, and business models. They do so by sharing knowledge, experience, and inspiration with their network.

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Responsible Brand to Promote Responsible Business

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Indonesia is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, global membership organization. The FSC is Founded by social and environmental activists and organizations to ensure the responsible management of the world’s forests, FSC sets the standards for what a responsibly managed forest is, both environmentally, socially, and economically.

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Contribute Your Writings

One of the key factors to understand and accelerate the implementation of circular economy is through research and analysis. Contribute your research, opinions, and other writings here!

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