Kebijakan dan Strategi Nasional: Pengelolaan Sampah Rumah Tangga & Sampah Sejenis Sampah Rumah Tangga

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The Circularity Gap Report 2021

This reports inform four strategies to close the global emissions gap in seven fundamental sectors in society: housing, nutrition, mobility, consumables, services, healthcare, and communications. The strategies are finding opportunities in narrow flow, slow flow, regenetare flow, and circle flow.

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Circular Business Models

A linear-way of doing business has been deemed obsolete lately. However, to shift into the circular paradigm, a transformation from conventional to circular business models is required. This report summarizes several types of circular business models to inspire business actors to adopt circularity principles. It also includes the step-by-step template to construct business models for organizations.

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Contribute Your Writings

One of the key factors to understand and accelerate the implementation of circular economy is through research and analysis. Contribute your research, opinions, and other writings here!

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